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Our Story

Earthscape is conceived as a design consortium of professionals in various fields with a strong passion and commitment to quality. Sensitivity, Sagacity and Integrity drive us to excellence in architecture, design and planning services. Founded by a highly contradictory yet complimentary life partners; Earthscape is a perfect reflection of balance and harmony, and thus, we create Happy, Healthy and Healing Spaces…

Our workforce consists of a team of extremely talented and committed architects, engineers and management professionals. We are dedicated to assisting our clients to achieve value for the investment in terms of money and time. We always strive to achieve high quality of service and thus maintain a high level of project involvement, from start to finish. We also coordinate and communicate with suppliers and other technical professionals to attain our quality standards.

Our Philosophy

“Create spaces to “be”, Let fresh air, light and thoughts come in…”

For us, Architecture is more than a business, it is the language in which we converse, it is the reflection of our true self. We firmly believe in no-nonsense, comfortable and ecologically sensitive designs. In this journey, we put a lot of time and effort to attain the best possible solution for each of our clients, at the same time expect them to trust us and value our work. Our clients can always share with us what they want, but please restrict from saying "how to do it", for that is what we are here for...